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What are Testing Profiles?

Last Updated: May 07, 2015 10:37AM PDT
Testing Profiles are where you set your testing frequencies.  This is found in the Settings tab. You will make as many of these Testing Profiles as you need to assign to your participants.  These are most commonly called Phases, where Phase 1 would have their own set of frequencies, Phase 2 their own set of frequencies, and so on. 

You must enter a Profile Name and choose your Frequency Period (monthly or weekly).  Then simply input the proper testing frequencies of the Testing Types listed in the Tests/Period space(s) provided.  If a particular Testing Type does not apply to a profile, leave it blank.  You may also choose a range.  For instance, if you would like this profile to test between 2 and 4 times a month, you may enter 2-4 in the Tests/Period. Lump Tests refers to if you would like all your tests done of separate days, or lumped together.  If Lump Tests is turned on, the system may bring someone in for more than one of their necessary test types on a single given day (ex: 8-Panel UA + BA on one day).  If it is turned off, it will assign each test and type to it's own given day. 

Each time you create a new Testing Profile, hit Save.  A new, blank Testing Profile will automatically generate on the bottom on the page. You can now assign any Testing Profile appropriate to your specific clients.

For information about adding a client, please click here.

For information about changing a client's Testing Profile, please click here.

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