This site provides support for program administrators. If you are a client on random drug screens, contact your case manager for support.

User Permissions Breakdown


By default, Call2test comes with four different types of users. In order of increasing permissions they are:

  • User (lowest level)
  • Case Manager
  • Manager
  • Administrator (highest level)

Tip: Permissions can be easily tailored to your facility and unique needs.


By default, a user can only view clients they have created or that are assigned to them.


  • Can view the dashboard (current day’s schedule)


  • Can access menu
  • Can add clients
  • Can force/excuse (individual) clients for own clients
  • Can edit client information for own clients
  • Can edit client test results for own clients
  • Can edit client test notes for own clients
  • Can view future schedule for own clients

Schedule Management

  • Can access menu
  • Can add events for own clients
  • Can edit/delete events for own clients
  • Can edit/delete locations


  • Can access reports
  • Can view and create reports for own clients


  • Can create and edit client groups
  • Can create and edit call-in windows

App features

  • User can request check (only if app is available)
  • Users can send (and receive) messages from app users


  • Can access ‘My Account’ settings to change password

Case Manager

A Case Manager can do all of the same things as a user, but for all clients and the following:


  • Can manage permissions for clients
  • Schedule Management
  • Can add events for all clients
  • Can edit/delete events for all clients


A Manager can do all of the same things as a User and Case Manager, as well as the following


  • Can edit case managers
  • Can view all clients


  • Can access menu
  • Can edit the daily message


An Administrator can do everything a User, Case Manager, and Manager can do as well as the following:


  • Can remove clients


  • Has access to all settings
  • Can bulk excuse clients from testing
  • Can generate advance tests

User Management

  • Can remove users (facility/office staff)


  • Can edit billing contact

Multiple Calendars

If multiple calendars is turned on for your facility, by default administrators have the ability to create, view, and edit all calendars. By default the other roles (case manager, user, manager) will only be able to see clients in their default calendar.

Multiple Check Methods

If your facility has more than one way of checking in (we offer app, telephone, or web check-ins) only the administrator has the ability to change a client’s permissions to check in via certain methods.




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