This site provides support for program administrators. If you are a client on random drug screens, contact your case manager for support.

Add, Remove, or View a Client

Call2test securely stores your client information in an easy-to-use system.

Add a Client

  • To add clients, navigate to Clients > Add a Client tab
  • Enter First Name and Last Name
  • Client ID is optional as it will auto-generated if left blank

Basic Info Tab

Testing Information

  • Testing Pin: a unique 6 digit PIN clients use to check in
  • Active: Set to Yes or No depending on clients status in your program
  • ID#: Optional field used to identify client
  • Testing Profile*: Determines the test type(s) and frequency for the client
  • Check-in Window*: The time of day clients are able to check in
  • Client Group: Typically used to group clients by gender, can be used if samples must be collected by a male or female
  • Case Manager: Set the case manager for selected client
  • Calendar*: Facilities using multiple calendars will need to select the appropriate calendar


Profile Information

  • First NameMiddle NameLast Name, and Date of Birth fields: All fiels are optional for increased privacy.
  • Username*:  A username (or phone number) is required in order to use the ConnectComply App.  A username must be at least three characters, unique, and begin with a letter.  Only number, and underscores may be used for usernames.  This field will only appear if ConnectComply is active for the user.
  • Phone Number*: A phone number (or username) is required in order to use the ConnectComply app.  Phone numbers must be 10 digits and unique to a given client.
  • Gender: Select from either Male or Female



Permissions allow you to enable or disable call-in and app check-ins for your clients on an individual basis.

  • Call: Allow client to call the facility phone number to check in
  • App Check In: Allow client to check in via the ConnectComply app

Tests Tab

  • Test History: View a list of the client’s previous tests, including the day, if they checked in, the check time, if a test was required, the results of a test, and any notes.  Test results and notes must be manually entered by staff.
  • Future Scheduled Tests: Displays upcoming tests if advance generate has occurred.  Learn more about advance generation.
  • Calendar: Displays a calendar view of past days and if the client was or was not required to test.  You may also leave notes on a calendar.  Notes include author information, a time and date stamp, and the note content.
  • Request Check: Request a client to check in within 15, 30, or 45 minutes.  The time is set via a drop down and can include a message with the request.

Schedule Tab

Events can be used to perform curfew and location checks, and provide reminders to check in with case managers, for court appointments, sobriety meetings, and more.

  • Events: See past and upcoming events added by facility staff. 
  • Add Event: Add an event or reminder for a client.
  • Check-In History: View the check-in history for a client, including a photo of the client, event name, location of check-in with a map and address, date and time, and status of the check-in.

Learn more about how to create and edit scheduled events and reminders.

Reports Tab

Generate a PDF report for an individual client from their profile. 

Generate an individual report:

  • Set the Start and End Dates
  • Click Generate Report

The following information is included in an individual report:

  • Day: Displays day of check-in
  • Called In: Displays if the client did or did not check-in for the day
  • Test Required: Displays if the client was or was not required to test
  • Time of Call: Displays the time the client checked-in
  • Called From (the phone number used): Displays the phone number used to check-in (field will be display – if app check in was used)
  • Results: Displays test results for the day if recorded; these will typically be set as Not Logged, Reported, or Passed
  • Notes: Displays notes entered by the clients case manager

Learn more about Reports.

Messages Tab

Allows case managers and clients can securely message one another via the ConnectComply app.

Learn more about using Messages.

View a client profile

  • Navigate to Clients
  • Click on a client’s name to view more information

Remove a Client

  • To remove a client, navigate to Clients
  • Click a client’s name to view their record
  • Client must be set to inactive (Active > No)
  • Click Remove Client
  • Click OK

Tip: Consider setting a client to Inactive instead of removing them.  This will give you access to their history and they can be quickly reactivated, should they return to your program.



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