This site provides support for program administrators. If you are a client on random drug screens, contact your case manager for support.

Printing Client Info Sheets

Facility staff can generate a printable information sheet for program participants with information needed for checking in.  The document also includes helpful guidelines for clients to follow when using the ConnectComply app.

Information included

  • Username
  • PIN
  • Case Manager
  • Getting Started with the ConnectComply App
    • Installation
    • Logging in
    • Check-in Instructions
  • Check-in via phone
  • Testing phone number (if applicable)
  • Guidelines
  • General Information

Generating an info sheet

  • Click Clients
  • Click the client’s name
  • Click Print Info Client Sheet
  • A PDF will be generated
  • Locate and open the PDF and print

Example PDF

Client Info Sheet



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