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Location timeout troubleshooting

When checking in at a place with poor cellular connectivity or in a building that interferes with GPS signals, GPS can take a while to acquire an accurate location. Typically the phone will try for a certain amount of time and then fail.  This is done to prevent draining a battery too quickly.  Turning off performance optimizations will help since it won’t kill the process so soon.  If location timeout is still happening on Android Devices, then the steps below.

First steps:

  • Turn phone off/on
  • Turn GPS off/on
  • Disable any battery saver settings, including Power Saving Mode, Battery Management, or any third party apps
  • Perform an “AGPS reset”:

Adjusting battery saver settings on different devices:

  • HTC: Access your phone settings > Battery > Power saving mode > Battery optimization > Select your app > Don’t optimize > Save
  • Huawei: Turn Energy Settings to Normal and add your app to “Protected Apps”
  • LG (If you’re running Android 6 or higher): Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > Turn ON for your app
  • Motorola (If you’re running Android 6 or higher): Battery > Select the menu in the upper right-hand corner > battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > Select your app > Don’t optimize
  • OnePlus (using OxygenOS Settings): Battery > battery optimization > switch to ‘all apps’ > select your app > Don’t optimize
  • Samsung: Access battery settings > App power saving > Details > Your app > Disabled
  • Sony (If you’re running Android 6 or higher): Battery > from the menu in the upper right-hand corner > Battery optimization > Apps > Your app
  • Xiaomi (MIUI OS) If you’re running Android 6 or higher: Access your phone settings > Additional settings > Battery and performance > Manage battery usage > Apps > Your app


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