This site provides support for program administrators. If you are a client on random drug screens, contact your case manager for support.


Can I easily view a participant’s call-in history?#

Yes. When you view a participant’s information page, you’ll see the last 14 days of activity. Using our call in history log, you can view up to 8 months of a participant’s call in history.

Can I update Call2test from home?#

Yes. Call2test is cloud-based and can be operated from any location with a web browser and internet connection.

Will I be notified about scheduled tests and participant’s calls?#

Yes. You’ll receive a schedule on testing days and reports for each of your testing windows.

Can I bulk upload offenders?#

For customers with more than 500 participants, Call2test’s staff is able to upload a CSV file. Please contact us to learn more.

What kind of test types can be used with Call2test?#

Because our Test Types feature allows for custom entries, you can add any type of test you need. Whether it’s 3, 5, or 9 Panel, Breathalyzer or EtG, the choice is yours!

Is it easy to update a participant’s information?#

Yes. With the click of a button, you can easily view a participant’s information and update their name, phone number, ID number, call-in pin, and testing settings.

What are Client Groups?#

Using our Client Groups feature, you can organize participants by location, agency, or other options of your choosing. You can even use Client Groups to bulk excuse participants based on your custom groupings.

What are Testing Windows?#

Testing Windows give you the ability to enter custom testing timeframes and makes it easy to match your current system and schedules.

What are Testing Profiles?#

To further randomize testing, you can set the number of tests per month and the maximum days you’d like to occur between them by using Testing Profiles. For example, Group A may be required to have a 3 panel, Breathalyzer and EtG test with no more than 5 days between each test. Group may be required to only have a 9 panel with no more than 7 days between tests… you can create as few or as many tests as you need.

Do you offer any solutions aside from participants calling in?#

Yes! ConnectComply, our mobile app, installs on your participant’s smartphone (Android or iOS). They can then use the app to find out when they need to test and exchange messages with their case manager, all through our HIPAA compliant platform.

Can the ConnectComply mobile app be used to locate participants?#

For only a fraction of the cost of a bulky, outdated GPS ankle monitor, ConnectComply provides the locations of your participants to your case managers every time they check in. Want additional check ins? Your case managers can request the location for their participants at any time.